We offer a wide array of services catering to corporate accountants, attorneys, and private citizens. Our pricing is very competitive and appealing. Consultations are always free and can be held within the privacy of our offices.

Corporate Security

While we offer Armed Security, we also recognize that almost all of our assignments require our personnel to be discreet and unobtrusive. Our personnel, being former NYPD Detectives, possess sound judgment and always display a professional image to others. We value our clientele and the amount of trust and confidence that they invest in our personnel. As a result, we pride ourselves on our ability to effectively protect the confidential nature of our business relationships.

Executive Protection

NYF realizes that protection involves more than providing a physical presence. Our personnel are trained to operate in a discreet yet pro-active manner to ensure that of our clients’ business and personal security are addressed. Our agents have extensive experience protecting dignitaries, celebrities and witnesses.

Celebrity Protection

No matter how intricate, we take time to discuss all needs of our client and will coordinate with agents, managers, promoters and venue officials to make sure there are no surprises. Client and/or agent can be supplied with headset and radio for instant communication with us. All agents are armed, NYPD trained and discreet.

Event Security

NY Finest will survey site and coordinate with local police departments. For the highest level of protection, we offer off duty NYPD Police Officers and Detectives. Event planers will be supplied with radio and headset for instant communication with us during event.

Pre-Employment Screening

NYF offers a complete array of Employment Screening Services that are tailored to the needs of your company. A representative can recommend a customized, cost effective package for your business. Some of our services offered are: Criminal History, Federal, State and Local; *TransUnion complete financial background; Social Security verification; *Drivers License/Motor Vehicle records; Education Verification, Professional License Verification; Previous Employer Interviews; Referral/Neighbor Interviews. *Requires a signed release from employee/applicant

Workman's Compensation

Our investigation is conducted to observe the activities and physical capabilities of a person who has claimed an injury during the course of their employment. A Workers’ Compensation Investigation details the daily activities and can reveal the possibility of other employment. “Life Style” surveillance is established to facilitate a cost effective, yet useful surveillance. All surveillance is documented and photographed.


Our Polygraph Examiner, a former NYPD Homicide Detective, is a NYS licensed and certified Polygraph Examiner with 25 years of experience conducting examinations. We can assist businesses in reducing theft with Polygraph Examination and interview techniques. A preliminary investigation is conducted without additional cost in Theft Investigations.

Civil & Criminal Investigations

Our firm is committed to the provision of the highest quality investigative services available anywhere. Our many years of investigative experience, along with our information resources can deliver a timely cost effective investigative solution. We are dedicated to achieving this mission through the use of our former NYPD Detectives. We can uncover vital information that many others may miss. Detailed reports are prepared each working day for every investigation conducted.

Missing Persons

Many other agencies claim they utilize database’s that contain billions of records to help you find your lost loved one, relative etc. While NYF also uses the same resources and technology, we do something many other agencies may not do. We leave the office and “Investigate” those tough cases. We can humbly claim to have success were others have failed.

Covert Surveillance

Our Investigators are experienced and highly trained in Covert Surveillance. We utilize the latest, state of the art digital photography surveillance. Reports are detailed and are accompanied with photos and/or video. While other firms may recommend one investigator or vehicle to perform covert surveillance, NYF always deploys two investigators. We do this for practically the same price as most firms charge for one investigator. We would rather do it the right way for less, then compromise the investigation and your faith in us.

Marital Investigations

If you have suspicions that your partner, husband or wife is being unfaithful, we can discreetly assist in collecting the evidence either to confirm your suspicions or set your mind at rest. If you are wondering if this person is the one, we can conduct a Pre-Marital Background Investigation to help you make the right decision.

Custody Investigations

Unfortunately, with the continuing rate of divorces, individuals need expertise in child custody matters to provide the court system with necessary evidence to make an accurate and appropriate decision relating to any child custody case. Our recommendations are for us to work closely with your attorney to provide the best possible solution.

what our clients are saying

"Finally a company we can rely on! A diamond in the rough."

James Carson - Director

"Provided excellent security at a time of great need. Thank you!"

Bill Cody - Commissioner, DDC

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank NY Finest for their attention and help in keeping our workplace safe.”

Gary Dickerson - V.P. Human Resources

“After the work they have done for this company, I have requested and received a larger budget to utilize them extensively.”

Phil Fallon - Northeast Security Director

“My staff and I were extremely satisfied with NY Finest. They diffused a potentially threatening situation and remained with us until all danger was clear.”

John Stamos - Manager, Kellogg's

“Since our building has sensitive needs, we wanted a company with a higher level of professionalism. NY Finest is precisely what we required.”

Frank Gallagher - Security Director, Fox News

“The American Express Tower was severely damaged after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Mike O’Brien and his staff were originally contracted for six weeks to supplement our unarmed security. We were so pleased with them we extended them to a year!”

Jim Creagh - Vice President, American Express