“Finally a company we can rely on! A diamond in the rough.”

James Carson


“Provided excellent security at a time of great need. Thank you!”

Bill Cody

Commissioner, DDC

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank NY Finest for their attention and help in keeping our workplace safe.”

Gary Dickerson

V.P. Human Resources

“After the work they have done for this company, I have requested and received a larger budget to utilize them extensively.”

Phil Fallon

Northeast Security Director

“My staff and I were extremely satisfied with NY Finest. They diffused a potentially threatening situation and remained with us until all danger was clear.”

John Stamos

Manager, Kellogg's

“Since our building has sensitive needs, we wanted a company with a higher level of professionalism. NY Finest is precisely what we required.”

Frank Gallagher

Security Director, Fox News

“The American Express Tower was severely damaged after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Mike O’Brien and his staff were originally contracted for six weeks to supplement our unarmed security. We were so pleased with them we extended them to a year!”

Jim Creagh

Vice President, American Express